needs more stars for
our safety standards!
Crash Resistance Vehicles CRV

In every collision scenario, the FlexObile performs uniquely and above any current automotive standards. Would you believe me if I told you that the FlexObile turns a horrific frontal collision into an amusement ride sensation for the passengers. How about the FlexObile's ability to increase it's force to compete with much heavier vehicles on the road for both front and rear collision

Motion Management
Safety is Limitless

Company News
(Non-Crash) Crash Test
Motion Management
FlexObile Principle at Play

The final design of the AirFlex have been approved.

Onto Prototyping!!

- Still waiting to secure a location for the third build.
- YouTube Channel is Up.
- Designers, Engineers, Manufactures and Dealerships are welcome to have a role in the FlexObile's development.<

Just sit tight and roll with it. Come watch the tale of Two collisions.

Follow the "Flex Cab"
as it transits through Gravity with a perfect equilibrium.

Cool Videos illustrating the secrets behind the FlexObile.

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