Crash Proof Testing
Whopping 1/2 Sec Collision
Epic Fail

Other than the fact IT WORKED!! Everything went wrong, mostly due minor technical oversights. We went without a battery this time, which led to overheating. The steering shaft sheared during transport, the Gas Pedal system failed, the inertia Rotor Brake line lock failed to release, the high speed camera was not turned on and had to get a push from another vehicle. Through all the chaos, I forgot to secure my seat belt.

However, the test exceeded all expectation with a One- Half second collision duration. We even proved that seatbelt are not necessary as the driver experience no change of condition. Fundamentally, the driver did not experience an accident.

Check out the Physics page for full details.
If driving into a wall isn't crazy enough, thinking it would work the first time would be truly insane! Testing like this is both exhilarating and dangerous. The failure was due to a series of events. The bumper was too soft allowing the cab to rotate before the fulcrum arm transitioned into the weightless phase. The premature rotation allowed the rotor timing belt to slip off. Upon close scrutiny of the video both the cab spun and the arm raised proving the natural motion of the device.

Comparison of the two videos clearly illustrate the benefits of the FlexObile in a collision. The amount of rotation of the cab is in direct relation to the available Kinetic Energy and as you can see there is ample room to dissipate more energy.

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