FlexObile's Principals at Play

Engineering Amazing Commercial - "Light"
by Lexus Vehicles

Great Video, but even though they are points of data
it still looks painful and deadly. It is easy to see that all of the Potential Energy has converted Kinetic Energy.

And this is "State of the Art"?

What a difference!

The Kinetic Energy is never express. All of the Potential Energy is
dumped during the phasing of Motion Management over time.

Want to go for a Ride?


Travis Pastrana completely redirect his forward momentum to vertical, once weightless he leans back to initiate rotation.

Some predictions of the FlexObile indicate the the occupants will be weightless during the collision.

As you can see the Back Flip is the motion of the FlexObile. 

After catching air this BMX biker (54 sec) uses a cycloid to negotiate a collision with the ground, effortlessly. During weightlessness it becomes very easy to induce rotation or alter motion. As you can see with the Cycloid motion both the Potential and Kinetic Energy are conserved as he transitions throughout the Vertical and Horizontal phases.

Just like on a swing set, no consumption of energy from the Horizontal (max KE) and Vertical (max PE) transition and your weightless throught most of it.

Still the Motion Mangement of the FlexObile does all one this one better!


Now, I'm not ready to say this would be survivable in the FlexObile. YET, the linear formula Favg=1/2mv2 indicates the 12 feet of stopping distance the spinning cab provides equates into 40g.

But, If you could survive this collision the FlexObile would be the only way possible.

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