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Anytime you're playing with the rocket ship formula “Delta V ” unexpected events will occur. For some reason people can never take their eyes off a crash and are relieved when the person walks away. Toppling conventional thought has never been easy and is sure to create a lot of controversy on the merits of the FlexObile. Who wants a spinning car? But what they don't know or should I say believe, is the purity of the Physics at play. Even Mama knows to roll when jumping from a moving vehicle.

To explain the motions of the FlexObile is both simple and complicated. At first glance it is a simple machine, easy to understand, and becomes mind boggling when you delve into the Physics at play. At first no one will believe me when I say that the occupants will be near weightlessness throughout most of the collision. How can the FlexObile become heavier on rear impact resisting the force of the oncoming vehicle? Can a featherweight FlexObile actually have the equivalent force value of a heavier vehicles allowing it to compete on the highways. At first Physicists and Engineers are going to hate me, and then they're going to Love me.

It's going to be some show. We also intend to go the market place, planting a foundation for a grass root company. It will be very interesting to see what doors open and what doors shut. And according to conspiracy theories we will be bought out and squashed.

We intend to produce several prototypes on set to start the evolution. The FlexObile has an "Open Source" license and suggest to anyone with a products or service to take a look at our partner program. We are looking for all takers Sponsors, Vendors, Designers and Retailers. We also intend to produce a FlexObile based on a contest winner design, so get involved!

If we build it, they will come!

My daughter, Kerri and I were living in California at the time. Both hoping for the magic of California to bless us. Leaving behind us was Philadelphia where I founded several businesses, all just slightly ahead of their time. My plan was to come up with something bigger then me.

I watched a PBS college credit show whereas a Physicist was beating on a young football player shin pad explaining it was duration, not displacement that made the difference. Since I always had a fascination with F=MA. I set my self to solve the problem of Car Crashes.

Being a futurist and a spiritualist I knew the answer did not lie within the current dogma and could only come about by coming up with the right questions, After a year of learning how not to do it i had a breakthrough. Like a cliche' driving over Laurel Canyon Blvd on the way to Hollywood, it hit me, a spinning cab sitting on a rising arm. From there the FlexObile designed itself. I became the artist removing the rock to reveal the statue within. And I truly believe there is still more hidden within the FlexObile's design.

Coming of age in the 60's I always had an optimistic view of the world, no matter how bad it may look or how much our Government can get out of control. We are Americans. And I, with a lot of other Americans, are in our garages reinventing the world, once again.

If you have read between the line so far. The FlexObile has designed itself from the beginning. The symmetry of Physics pronounces itself with perfect symmetry in the design. The study of motion is know as 4D and simple things like a circle can get unexpectedly complicated. You go though spinning to rotation to orbit to eccentric orbit to Cycloid and finally the Brachistochrone Curve and its like, stop it already.

The FlexObile is way past any current Dogma. All of this understanding and a very blank page is a designer's dream. The FlexObile has always answered, all I have to do is ask!

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