Business Opportunity
Welcome to the world of the FlexObile. This is a journey of both physics and business. With an Open Source License the FlexObile will have infinite possibilities. The FlexObile could very well be the Vanguard to revolutionize the transportation industry. >Our mission is to bring competition together with no limits on potential. We will achieve this by allowing any one to design, manufacture and retail any parts of the FlexObile. Since dealers will be doing the finally assembly there will be a convergence of the aftermarket into a constantly upgradable environment. Our goal of providing more Geo Specific components will benefit local and smaller manufactures. The Flexobile, inc will be operating as a Standards and Licensing company. There are several reasons to get involved.

•  If you have something to offer or have a submission.

•  If you have a vehicle design and will like to incorporate Motion Management

•  If you have a unique power train or fuel system

•  A component that would benefit the design

•  A dealership looking for a new product line

•  A manufacture looking for a new product line

There are 4 major components to the FlexObile.

•  Passenger Cab

•  Front Wheel powertrain assembly

•  Fulcrum Arms assembly

•  Rear hoop and wheel assembly

Contact Us if you would like to contribute expertise on this project.
A multi-episode cable show would be a great way to introduce FlexObile to the public. Within a limited budget several variations could be built and demostrated. During airing we will be signing and aligning with Manufactures and Dealerships. Also we intend to review some of the new concept vehicle to see if they can easily adapt the Motion Management Technology. The main ingredient to the FlexObile design requirement is compatibility and upgradability. It should be as easy to interchange the powertrain as it will be to switch from a 3-wheel to a 4-wheel configuration, or updating to an all aluminum cab. With the FlexObile this is easily achievable. The FlexObile pangs for evolution. Who knows the how light a vehicle can be made and yet be the safest. Who knows what can be made once the barrier of entry from Auto Manufactures is removed. Who know what powersource will win the day when consumers can take a risk on alternate power types without commitment. Endless Possibilities!! Let go build the lightest fastest safest vehicle together! Ed Dooner CEO
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